Winchester 1897 Factory Riot Gun, Cody Firearms Museum Letter states: Shotgun, 12 gauge, Barrel length: 30 inches, Received in warehouse on February 23, 1900, ...June 2, 1900 - To Russ. 12 gauge, 20" barrel length, Riot, Shipped from warehouse on June 2, 1900, order number 60926

Winchester 1897 shotgun (Riot) 20” Barrel, 12 GA. CYL, Three screw forearm, high comb, thin wrist, steel butplate with widows peak, serial number is in the 93,000 range dating it manufactured 1900, Cody Firearms Museum Letter will be shipped with gun.

Condition is fine overall with almost all of its original blue that has just stated to tone, some minor edge ware do to service it might have seen, receiver shows 80-85% of its original blue, barrel and tube show 90%+ original blue, action is perfect, perfect original tall brass bead front sight, all markings: barrel address, gauge, pat. Dates and serial number are perfect, wood to metal fit is excellent, wood has very minor scratches and some slight staining, screws are excellent, bore is perfect. Letter states it went to (Russ in the custom shop) at this time period see Bruce N. Canfield book on (Winchester in the Service) page 94 has it that the US army had ordered many of these unmarked riot shotguns for we had become embroiled in the “Pacification” fighting in the Philippines against the Moro tribesman after the Spanish-American War of 1898

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